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Rocker Liam Gallagher Faces Paternity Suit

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2013 | Paternity

Establishing paternity of a child can be of great benefit to all the parties involved, including the child, and the family law system is designed to provide just that. Rocker Liam Gallagher has been sued in a U.S. court for paternity of a “love child” he allegedly fathered. Meanwhile, the rocker’s wife is in Florida dealing with the news. The mother of the child, a journalist, has sued Gallagher for $3 million in child support. She claims that the pair had an affair following an interview the two did several years ago. She further claims that the child is the result of that affair.

A paternity suit is one way of establishing paternity of child. The paternity of children born to married parents is assumed. Paternity is also assumed in some other types of situations. Paternity suits are usually brought to establish financial responsibility for a child, such as child support, to settle custody issues or as a result of the biological father requesting visitation rights. In cases where the parents do not agree on paternity, either parent can bring a paternity suit.

In a paternity suit the judge can order a paternity test, which is done through DNA testing, to determine the identity of the biological father of the child. Once the biological father has been determined, either the parents by agreement or the court, if the parents are unable to agree, can resolve remaining disputed issues such as custody and child support. Determining paternity of a child can have many important emotional and practical benefits for all parties involved.

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