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The New Year Is A Popular Time For Those Considering Divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2013 | Divorce

Many individuals decide to file for divorce at the beginning of the year and there are some practical reasons for doing so. There is obviously the notion of a “new beginning” that is associated with the beginning of the year that may lead to making the decision to divorce around that time. In addition, there are several other reasons to consider the New Year to file for divorce if already considering it.

Many people may feel that making the decision to divorce at the New Year will not disrupt the holiday season. Some may wish for year-end holiday bonuses to be included in marital property (this application can vary by state, depending on the marital property laws of the state). Others may find divorcing in the New Year provides for better tax planning advantages. While divorce is not a decision to take lightly, it may provide closure for a couple already considering it and the New Year may be a good time to do that.

When considering a divorce, there can be many divorce legal issues to take into account. Couples may feel overwhelmed by property division, spousal support, child support, visitation plans and child custody decisions. To prevent these issues from leading to disputes, couples considering divorce should understand that the couple can reach agreements on these issues and the court can also help when couples are unable to agree. Alternative options, such as mediation, may also be available.

In addition, a trained divorce and family law attorney can help a party considering a divorce evaluate the individual divorce legal issues involved in each unique situation, as well as timing, or any other concern. This can help a party considering divorce make the best decision possible in the circumstances.

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