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Those Divorcing In Midlife Are Not Alone

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2014 | Divorce

While divorce may oftentimes carry negative connotations for Florida residents, the process, once decided upon, does not have to be a negative one.

As more people are entering divorce in midlife and later in life, there may be different divorce considerations for those in that situation. The “graying” of divorce has caused divorce rates for those over 50 to double in the past two decades. Those divorcing in “midlife” should understand that they are not alone. According to counseling experts, for those who have spent years wondering if their marriage is happy or not, it may be time to do something.

Emotionally, the process may seem confusing and overwhelming. Divorce legal issues do not, however, have to be confusing or overwhelming. Though the process may sometimes be an unwelcome one, it does not have to be unclear. At any stage in life, being educated about the divorce process and the divorce legal issues that can arise, including property division and alimony, may help eliminate any overwhelming emotions that a party may have about the process. Depending on the couple’s circumstances, and the timing of the divorce, child support and child custody may also be important issues to understand and consider.

Because the circumstances and timing people are in varies greatly, no divorce is exactly the same. Many divorces that occur later in life are high-asset divorces. These divorces can present complexities that parties should be aware of and educated about. Without a prenuptial agreement, property is divided in Florida upon divorce on an equitable basis with the goal of fairness in mind. By remaining focused on the goal of fairness during what is an unquestionably emotional time, parties may be able to avoid disputes throughout the divorce process.

Like most things in life, knowing what to expect from the divorce process can help ensure as positive an outcome as possible in the circumstances. A trained family law attorney in Florida can help educate a divorcing spouse about what to expect so that the party better understands the process and is as comfortable as possible with it.

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