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Rapper Ordered To Pay Child Support After Modification Request

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2014 | Child Support

Popular rapper Ludacris, aka Chris Bridges, was recently ordered to pay the mother of his newborn child $7,000 a month in child support following his request to have the child support amount lowered. The rapper presented documents arguing he could only afford $1,800 a month in child support. He argued he could only afford the lower amount because production of his latest Fast and Furious film had been halted due to the death of another actor, causing the rapper to earn an average income of about $25,000 a month. Additionally, it has been four years since he released an album and it was reported that his latest single did not do well.

The rapper was ordered to pay the monthly amount, the attorney’s fees for the child’s mother and $35,000. The child’s mother was granted full custody of the child. The rapper has recently been back to work on his movie. He filed the lawsuit with the court to establish paternity and request that his child support payments be lowered. A child support modification may be possible in certain circumstances but can depend on a variety of factors.

Based on a substantial change in circumstances of a parent or a child, a child support order can sometimes be modified. Reasons that a child support order may be modified can include a change in income of either the custodial parent or the paying parent; an increased cost of living or a change in the needs of the child; or if a parent remarries or becomes unemployed. When considering child support, a support agreement or a child support modification, the court will always consider the needs of a child.

Whenever a child support modification might be necessary, it is important to promptly seek a modification from the court and not discontinue making monthly child support payments. For both parents struggling to collect child support or struggling to make child support payments, options may be available through the family law process.

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