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Understanding The Role Mediation May Play In Your Florida Divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2014 | Divorce

Mediation may play an important role in your divorce process. In Florida, divorce cases are all required to proceed through the court-ordered mediation process. This process typically results in many divorce-related issues being settled and agreements being reached in an efficient and economical manner that is also less contentious.

For most couples, settling disputes and agreeing on divorce-related issues prior to trial is a preferred path and leads to more preferred outcomes during what can be a difficult and emotional time. This sometimes challenging time can be made more costly and time-consuming due to a variety of unresolved disputes. Amicable agreements may be reached between the couple through the mediation process concerning the majority of, if not all, divorce-related issues in advance of trial.

It is important for divorcing couples to keep in mind that most divorce-related issues, such as property division, spousal support, child custody and some other concerns can be resolved by agreement between the parties. Because of this, the parties are able to retain more control throughout the divorce process which can sometimes lead to unknowns and anxiety. If the parties are unable to reach agreements everyone can live with, the court will step in to make important determinations for the couple.

Approaching required divorce mediation with a spirit of compromise and a willingness to make it work for the benefit of the both parties and the family can save time, money and acrimony for the divorcing couple. The mediation process may allow a couple that has decided to divorce to reach settlement agreements they know are best for them and their family. To better understand the process, you can visit additional information found here.