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It is Important To Understand Florida Relocation Rules

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Child Custody

Sharing custody of children can be difficult as parents negotiate time-sharing, visitation and other child custody-related concerns. Where children will reside and whether parents will share joint custody or one parent will have sole physical custody of the children all have to be decided upon. Additional concerns can arise related to relocation following a divorce and child custody order.

Life is constantly changing and the lives of children and parents can change following a divorce and child custody order. In general, parents are not permitted to move out of the area with the children without an order from the court permitting them to do so. Rules concerning relocation following a divorce can be strict in Florida. A parent generally cannot move greater than 50 miles away without approval from the court to do so.

Because of the ever-changing nature of life generally, it is important that divorcing couples, and divorced couples, are aware that the family law legal process provides options for parents to seek modifications to divorce-related orders following a divorce. Concerning a number of divorce-related issues, it may be possible, in certain circumstances, to modify a divorce-related order such as a child custody order.

The family law legal process provides options and resources for families to resolve disputes and reach important outcomes at the beginning of the divorce process through to the end of the process and as any modification needs arise along the way. It is important to understand the rules related to relocation following a divorce and what options may be available to parents needing to relocate for a job, sick relative or other important concern that leads to the need to modify a divorce-related order.