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Divorce Mediation Can Be Helpful For Many Families

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2016 | Divorce

Many individuals who may be considering divorce in Florida may have heard terms such as “divorce mediation” and “collaborative divorce.” Divorces in Florida go through the mediation process first because it allows for agreements to be reached in a manner that can minimize the sometimes contentious, costly and time consuming nature of the divorce process.

The mediation process can facilitate settlement of a number of disputes couples may have during the divorce process. Mediation gives the divorcing couple more control over the process and can be a less acrimonious alternative to traditional divorce. The more divorcing couples are able to work out between themselves with a mediator and without going to court, the more time, money and frustration the couple may save.

The mediation process can lead to a quicker divorce, as many, if not all, issues can be resolved, depending on the couple, through the mediation process. The mediation process can also be more efficient and, as a result, be more financially friendly for the couple. The mediation process and working with a mediator is not adversarial, so it can be best for the entire family as the divorce process progresses. In addition, couples can reach property division and child custody agreements that are best for them and their family without the need for the court’s involvement.

There are a number of different benefits associated with divorce mediation and working with a mediator to resolve divorce-related issues. The divorce mediation process can help families find what works for them as they navigate through potential disputes and arrive at, hopefully, peaceful determinations for the many divorce-related issues they face during the divorce process.