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Former Miami Basketball Player’s Child Support Is Modified

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2016 | Child Support

Child support modifications are an important part of the family law process for many parents and families. A former Miami Heat basketball player was recently granted lower child support payments after claiming he is nearly broke. The player earned an estimate $35 million during his NBA career. The former player played for 15 years, including for the Lakers, in addition to the Heat. A woman filed a paternity suit against the player in a South Florida court in 2010. The woman worked for Broward County and was able to obtain $1,500 a month in child support from the basketball player, who was married at the time.

Recently, however, he made a request to the court to reduce his child support payments for the daughter he shares with the woman. The court and the mother of the child agreed to the modification of child support. The agreement allowed for the former player to pay $600 a month until the amount of child support he owes, which is $2,000, is paid. The modification to lower his child support payments was made because, since his 2004 retirement, the former basketball player has been living off of the assets he earned while in the NBA, has been unable to find a job has made a number of bad investments.

The court found that a permanent, substantial and involuntary change in circumstances warranted the reduction in child support. When granting the request for modification, the court considered the change in his circumstances. In general, a child support modification may be possible based on a significant change in circumstances for either the parents or the child. If needed, it is important to seek a modification of child support through the family law process and not to simply ignore the child support obligation. A child support modification can be requested from the court by either the paying or recipient parent and does not have to be agreed to by the parents to be granted.

Child support is a significant issue and concern for many parents and families. As a result, the family law process offers resources that parents and families should be familiar with to help address their child support concerns.

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