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4 signs divorce might be on the horizon

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Divorce

Since every relationship is unique, there is not one unifying reason for a marriage to come to an end. Some marriages end due to infidelity, money trouble, addiction or illegal activity. In some situations, however, the couple simply grows apart and wishes to start a new future. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one spouse to realize the marriage is over before the other spouse. In these scenarios, certain signs could signal that divorce might be a reality.

  1. You are becoming more like roommates than a married couple. As we mentioned, not every marriage follows the same path. Some married couples eat together, watch movies together and go to sleep at the same time. Other couples prefer to do things independently. If your marriage has taken a sudden turn toward independence – you no longer eat together, you no longer go on vacations together, you no longer sleep in the same room – then your marriage more resembles the relationship of two roommates.
  2. You notice sudden changes in appearance in your spouse. While it is not uncommon for people to change over the course of their marriage, extreme changes could indicate something going on behind the scenes. If your spouse takes a sudden interest in physical fitness, for example, or pursues a dramatic wardrobe change, he or she might be attempting to attract a new partner or wants to look good for a new partner already selected.
  3. You notice sudden changes in habits in your spouse. Has your spouse started spending more time at work? Early mornings and late nights? Has your spouse started going out with friends more than he or she used to? These sudden changes in schedule could indicate your spouse is trying to meet new people or has met someone new and is attempting to hide their time spent together.
  4. Your spouse becomes secretive about online habits. It is not uncommon for partners to seek privacy regarding their online habits. When this privacy is aggressively guarded, however, it might be a sign of something else. Do they hide their phone? Are they deleting text conversations? Are they habitually clearing their browser cache and changing passwords? It could be nothing or it could be a sign they are actively trying to hide something from you.

Unfortunately, for many people, these are normal occurrences that signal nothing insidious. Even worse, an individual who becomes paranoid will start to see signs in every action their spouse takes. It is wise to try to remain objective and note your observations. If you truly believe divorce is on the horizon, start taking steps to protect yourself and your future.