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What tools are available to enforce a child support agreement?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Child Support

Parents everywhere have a financial obligation to support their children. Sometimes, a court order is necessary to compel the fulfillment of financial help.

There are many methods by which a support order can receive enforcement. Getting someone to comply can be tricky. An attorney with experience in child support concerns may be necessary.

Wage deductions

With garnishment, money comes directly from the salary of the supporting parent. The individual cannot withhold money from a minor because it never becomes accessible.

Federal income tax interceptions

States may identify that a parent is failing in child support obligations. The government may decide to take the money from forthcoming tax rebates. This amount could be partial or wipe out the entire balance.

Passport and license revocations

Naturally, there is a concern about fleeing the country when someone owes money. Courts that believe the delinquent individual might try running could revoke passport privileges. Parents with true delinquencies can also lose their right to drive.

Legal punishments

A judge may decide that an uncooperative individual is in contempt of court. Guilt is not dependent on the person being present. An absentee who fails to make support payments could still receive a warrant. Even so, a custodial parent or representing attorney must appear for issuance to occur. Punishment terms could be jail time or a mere fine.

Children have financial needs, even if their parents no longer get along. For this reason, the law allows a multitude of mechanisms to make sure they pay for their brood.