Considerations for Developing a Relocation Parenting Plan

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

The need for a parenting plan in all child custody situations was recently discussed on this blog. A parenting plan is required in custody sharing situations and can either be agreed upon by the parents and any others who are part of the time sharing arrangement or can be established by the court in the absence of an agreement between the parents.

In child custody circumstances involving relocation, important requirements must also be met. A relocation parenting plan is required when a parent intends relocate either the parent's or child's principal residence greater than 50 miles away or when pursuing a modification of the child custody or time-sharing order.

A relocation or long-distance parenting plan must fulfill some of the same requirements as a standard parenting plan, including how the parties must share responsibility for the child's upbringing in terms of daily tasks; a schedule for time sharing that includes how the parents and any other parties will share time spent with the child; how the parties will share responsibility for health care, school-related and other administrative matters; how the parties will communicate with the child; and transportation arrangements related the time-sharing agreement.

The parenting plan developed between the parties should be specific and thorough and take into account the age, needs and best interests of the child. Any time-sharing arrangement and parenting plan must be in the best interests of the child and provide for the health and welfare of the child. Because parents are actively involved in the process of developing a parenting plan and time-sharing and child custody agreements, it is useful for parents to understand the process which is designed to ensure the best interests of their children and family are achieved.


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