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Your Experienced Broward County, Florida Divorce Law Specialist

I know that divorce is a challenging event. Even if you are happy to be getting divorced, there are complicated, burdensome issues in the process. Hiring an exceptional divorce lawyer with experience and specialist certification is the only way to get the peace of mind you need during the divorce process.

I have the experience and the qualifications to handle your divorce case. I also have the sensitivity of someone who has children of her own, so I know how important these issues are to you. My law firm provides exceptional service to my Broward and Miami-Dade County clients.

Trial is the Last Resort

The Florida courts require mediation for all divorce cases, and many lawyers simply go through the motions of mediation, attempting to "get more" for their clients in the litigation.

I handle things differently, attempting everything possible to negotiate all the issues in the mediation. This saves clients time and money, and I can usually get just as good of a final divorce settlement, if not better, as in a divorce trial, and one which offers you the ability to have control over the outcome.

I take this approach with all the issues than can come up in a divorce, including:

I excel at settling all of these issues before the trial whenever possible, but if the case is unable to settle at mediation and has to go to trial, I am an experienced divorce litigator as well and have substantial trial experience.

Board Certified Divorce Lawyer

I am an expert Hallandale Beach divorce attorney, Board Certified as a Specialist in Marital and Family Law.

Working with an attorney with my experience, qualifications and certifications helps you know your case is in good hands and gives you the peace of mind you need:

  • I have been a Board Certified Family and Marital Law Specialist since 1993.
  • I have been a practicing family lawyer since 1985.
  • I focus my practice exclusively on family law issues, keeping current with the law in this area at all times, including regular seminars and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses in family law.

Especially in complex family law litigation, issues occasionally arise that require more specific expertise. I employ a whole team of experts such as forensic accountants and child psychologists to help with the most complex issues and provide you with the best representation possible.

Competitive Pricing

By offering sliding scale fee arrangements and payment plans, I make my legal services available to clients who would not otherwise be able to afford them. If needed, I will also give you a free initial consultation so you can have a better idea of what you are facing in a divorce. Either call my office or e-mail me to discuss your case.

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