Florida man Jailed for Failure to pay Child Support

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Child Support on Thursday, June 20, 2013.

Child support modification options exist for parents having difficulty making payments while, at the same time, child support enforcement options exist to help nonpaying parents collect child support.

A Florida man was recently arrested in another state for failure to pay child support. The man was taken to jail on a $40,000 cash bond based on allegations that he has failed to pay child support. He was arrested in a home in the other state, although he has a Florida address, on accusations that he has failed to pay his child support payments.

Parents who receive child support have enforcement options. Parents who simply do not pay their child support face several possible penalties. These penalties can include wage garnishment, the interception of tax refunds, the placement of liens or attachments on the paying parent's property, the suspension of professional and driver's licenses and the denial of a passport. As a last resort, a nonpaying parent can be jailed for failure to pay child support. This is considered a last resort because the legal system recognizes that the jailed parent is less likely to earn an income and be able to make child support payments from jail.

Parents sometime face difficulty making their child support payments. Payments can be adjusted up or down based on changes to the financial needs of the child or a parent's earning capacity. It is best for a parent who knows that a child support modification will be necessary to begin the process as soon as they become aware of its necessity. The parent needing the change can seek it through the court if the parents are unable to agree to a child support modification together.

Delinquent child support payments are a serious issue and several child support enforcement options exist. Because of this, it is important that any parent having difficulty paying monthly payments seek a child support modification.

Source:, "POLICE REPORTS: Florida man allegedly skips out on child support payment," June 17, 2013

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