How Child Support is Handled in for Floridian Parents

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Child Support on Thursday, August 13, 2015.

Parents in Florida can receive help establishing and enforcing a child support order. Because of the important role support plays in a child's life and well-being, parents have a responsibility to support their children. Child support orders establish the amount and type of support parents are required to provide for their children.

In general, a child support order may include the amount of child support a parent must pay, details of a medical insurance plan for the child, how additional medical care costs not covered by the medical insurance plan will be handled and paid, and paternity, if the parents were not married at the time the child was born.

In Florida, child support orders can be established administratively by agreement of the parents or judicially during which time a hearing will be utilized to establish financial and income information and a judge will issue a child support order. Parents always have the option to agree on important considerations related to children such as child support and child custody. When parents are able to reach agreements, it can be more efficient and less emotionally stressful for the parties involved.

Parents can also receive assistance enforcing a child support order. Penalties for failing to pay child support can be serious, and failure to pay child support can also be detrimental to the child. The family law process realizes, however, that well-meaning parents may have difficulty paying required child support payments which is why child support modification options may be available in some situations. For any parent paying or receiving child support, it is important to understand the entire child support process and how the family law system can help them.

Source: Florida Department of Revenue, "Establishing Orders for Child and Medical Support," Accessed Aug. 11, 2015

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