How Divorce Mediation may help During Divorce

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Divorce on Friday, October 14, 2016.

The divorce process can be challenging, and it can be especially so if there are children from the marriage. Each couple, family and divorce is unique. Divorcing couples share families, friends and finances, so the process of dividing property and developing child support and child custody agreements can seem overwhelming. It is important to focus on the fact that the family law legal process provides resources for families to help them navigate the divorce process based on what is best for them, and that a variety of different types of professionals are also available to help.

Divorce mediation is one option for Florida residents to consider that can help guide divorcing couples through a more amicable divorce process. It places the couple more in control of how important divorce-related issues will be resolved in a manner that is best for them and their family. Couples have more power to decide how property is divided or how custody of the children will be shared during the divorce mediation process. In addition, the mediation process can be less costly and less time-consuming because it allows couples to resolve contested issues rather than lead to worsening disputes over divorce-related issues important to the couple and their family, leading to a trial.

Divorce does not have to be a survival process when divorcing spouses feel alone. The family law process, and professionals involved in the process, are available to provide resources and help to divorcing couples so that they may resolve disputes and reach shared agreements. It is often in the best interest of the divorcing couple to be able to agree on important divorce-related issues such as property division, alimony, child custody and child support and mediation can help them do that.

When making the difficult decision to divorce, it is also important to consider options provided by the Florida family law process to help couples resolve their divorce concerns as amicably as possible. Divorce mediation is one of the resources the family law process provides to help couples manage a challenging time and their futures following a divorce.

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