Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade Granted Custody of Nephew

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Family Law on Thursday, October 2, 2014.

Family issues can be complex, which is why an understanding of family law issues can be important for many families. Many Florida residents are probably familiar with Miami Heat basketball player Dwayne Wade, who was recently granted custody of his nephew.

Miami-Dade family court records state that Wade was recently granted custody the 12-year old boy. Wade had petitioned for "concurrent custody by extended family" of the boy and his petition was granted. Wade's sister, who is the child's mother, will retain parental rights but Wade will raise the child. The boy's father is unknown, according to Wade's petition, and no father is listed on the boy's birth certificate. Wade has spent a significant amount of time with the child in recent years. Wade also has custody of his two sons with his ex-wife and fathered a third child with another woman.

Family law issues can be personal, sensitive and emotional. Family legal issues obviously impact families in a significant manner. Parental rights, grandparents' rights and other custody rights may be at issue or in dispute. Because of the number of important interests that are implicated, it can be important for families to under the family law legal process and how child custody decisions are made.

Child custody decisions may be made by agreement or by order of the court. When making a child custody determination, the court will determine what is in the best interests of the child. The court will look at factors including the mental and physical health of the parents; any history of abuse; any necessary adjustments to school and community; religious and cultural considerations; and support and interaction with members of the household and extended family members among other considerations to determine what is best for the child. In most circumstances, one parent, or party, is awarded physical custody of the child but other child custody arrangements may also be established.

Emotions can run high during child custody disputes. Because of this, understanding the considerations involved in child custody determinations will help all parties remain focused on the best interests of the child.

Source: Miami Herald, "Gossip Extra: D-Wade gets custody of nephew," Jose Lambiet, Sept. 26, 2014

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