Mother of Child asks FL Basketball Player for more Child Support

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Child Support on Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

Child support modifications can be available but must be sought through the court.

A Florida basketball player has been ordered to provide financial records in response to a request from the mother of his child for more child support. Mario Chalmers, who plays for the Miami Heat, has 30 days to provide the documents in the child support dispute by order of a Florida judge. A child support agreement was reached in 2012 after Chalmers was established as the father of the child. Chalmers recently, however, signed a three-year contract extension and his income, since the original child support agreement, has grown. As a result of the four-fold increase in income from $1 million to $4 million, the child's mother is asking for a child support agreement modification.

Two common ways that a child support agreement might be modified include changed circumstances of the paying parent or of the child. If the parent's earning ability or the child's financial needs have changed, a child support modification may be allowed. Child support modification requests may be to increase or decrease the monthly amount paid and they may also be temporary or permanent in nature.

Circumstances that might warrant a temporary change in child support can include a medical emergency the child is facing; the temporary loss of employment by one parent; or a medical emergency of one of the parents. A permanent child support modification can result if the position of one parent changes in a permanent manner such as a job change of one of the parents or permanent disability of one of the parents. Other circumstances that can lead to a permanent change in child support can include changed needs of the child or changes in family law related to child support.

Everyone understands that circumstances in life can change. Because of this, child support modification may be necessary to ensure that a child support situation remains fair to the parties involved.

Source:, "Mario Chalmers' Baby Mama: Gimme More Money!," Jose Lambiet, May 3, 2013.

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