Noncustodial Parent Abducts Children with Plans to go to FL

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Child Custody on Monday, May 20, 2013.

Child custody disputes are fraught with emotions, however, the legal system provides options to avoid the need for self-help.

The noncustodial parent of two children in a Midwest state had plans to take the children to Florida authorities say. The child custody dispute took place when the biological father of one of the two children, though he does not have parental rights for the child that is biologically his own, took both children which began a stand-off with police. The stand-off ended with police rescuing the children and the man has been charged with criminal confinement and violation of a child custody order.

Child custody situations can result in emotions running high. When one parent has interfered with a child custody order because of this, the other parent has several options that can help. The parent can seek to enforce a child custody order or can pursue an agreement modification. In cases when the noncustodial parent has kidnapped the child, law enforcement and the criminal justice system are available to help by locating the children and managing the noncustodial parent; sometimes this is the best option.

In addition, after the children have safely been returned home, a parent may wish to take measures to ensure that a similar situation never arises again. When a child has been abducted by a noncustodial parent, the parent who kidnapped the child has violated a child custody order from the court. In many noncustodial interference situations when one parent has sole custody (or even when parents share joint custody), a parent's decision to abduct a child will cause the parent's custody rights to be terminated on a temporary or permanent basis.

The legal system makes every effort to protect children in child custody situations. Because of this, there are options available to parents when one has violated a child custody order.

Source:, "Police rescue 2 kids taken by non-custodial parent after hours-long SWAT standoff," Author Unknown, May 17, 2013

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