Pop Music star Usher's Child Custody Dispute Ended

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Child Custody on Friday, September 7, 2012.

An on-going, and somewhat public, child custody dispute ended late last month in a neighboring state's courtroom when hip hop star Usher, real name Usher Raymond IV, was awarded primary physical custody of his, and his ex-wife's, two sons, aged 3 and 4. Florida music fans are no doubt familiar with Usher's music career, as well as his highly-publicized divorce and child custody battle.

Usher and his ex-wife were divorced two years after marrying in 2007. The Fulton County, Georgia Superior Court judge's decision ended an ongoing and lengthy child custody dispute, granting Usher primary physical custody of the couple's two sons. The couple will share joint legal custody, although the details of the visitation arrangement have not yet been determined.

While Usher's child custody dispute was, by all accounts, bitter, Florida has made several advancements in child custody issues, preferring "time sharing" agreements over "visitation" arrangements and that such agreements be reached by the divorcing couple if at all possible. Prior to the divorce trial, divorcing parents will usually be required to attempt to create a specific time sharing agreement that meets the needs of their children and family, detailing what time will be spent with each parent. This pre-trial mediation effort seeks to prevent hostile and acrimonious child custody disputes, such as Usher's, while serving the best interests and needs of the children involved.

Florida has opened the way forward for more creative and diverse time sharing agreements that better meet the needs of the children. Because, as always in family law matters, the best interests of the children are given primary importance.

Source: The Washington Post, "R&B singer Usher wins primary physical custody of 2 sons, ending legal fight with ex-wife," Aug. 24, 2012

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