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Child Relocation in Florida

Generally speaking, neither of the parties is allowed to simply move out of the jurisdiction with the children without a court order. Especially with the changes in Florida family law, there are strict rules regarding relocation after a divorce.

I can help. Since 1985 I have been handling family law cases. I work in both Dade and Broward Counties, focusing 100 percent of my legal practice on family law and divorce-related issues like relocation. This focus allows me to keep up to date on this one area in a way that a general practitioner never could.

In recent years the laws have changed regarding relocation. I am a Board Certified Family and Marital Law Specialist, an expert in the field who can help you navigate through these new relocation laws.

Changes in the Law

In recent years, Florida law has gotten increasingly strict regarding relocation. Now a party cannot move more than 50 miles away without the court's approval.

I help my Broward and Miami-Dade County clients with the entire legal process of relocation from beginning to end.

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My office is conveniently located to serve Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. I offer payment plans and sliding scale fee schedules for those who are otherwise unable to afford my representation. Either call my office or e-mail me for a free initial consultation.

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