Some FL Areas Offer Domestic Partner Benefits

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Family Law on Thursday, September 12, 2013.

Family legal issues are always changing and developing over time. Recently, issues surrounding domestic partnership benefits in particular have been a the subject of debate, especially as more areas consider providing more benefits to domestic partners.

One nearby south Florida community recently voted on the issue of domestic partnership benefits -- voting in favor of them --, however, another town has not yet voted on the same issue. Supporters want the benefits in place prior to open enrollment this fall fearing if they are not, city government employees will not be able to enroll their domestic partners. There is enough commissioner support to push the measure along if it can make it onto the agenda. If the measure is put up for a vote at a city meeting, it could mean a law benefiting domestic partners in the fall.

Domestic partnerships are typically designed to provide the same benefits to the partners in a partnership as married couples. Benefits of a domestic partnership can include health insurance, life insurance, death benefits, parental rights, sick and family leaves, as well as tax treatment. While domestic partnerships commonly refer to same-sex couples, some states allow opposite-sex couples to also register as domestic partners.

As many people are aware, family law issues have been experiencing some changes of late throughout the country and even sometimes closer to home. The types of benefits offered by domestic partnerships and the recognition of such partnerships changes frequently. Because the status of some areas of family law is often changing or evolving, it is important to seek competent advice on the current status of the law and its application to an individual's particular situation.

Domestic partnerships are designed to provide unmarried couples the same benefits as married couples. Because this is the intent, domestic partners may find a family law attorney an educational and welcome resource to inform partners of the law and better secure the benefits of domestic partnership.

Source: South Florida Gay News, "Boca Domestic Partner Benefits' Workshop in the Talks," Justin Long, Aug. 26, 2013

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