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The Timing of end of Marriages in Florida

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Divorce on Thursday, August 25, 2016.

University research has revealed that the timing of divorce is often influenced seasonally by family rituals and the vacation calendar. According to the study, the number of divorces consistently peaks during the spring and summer months, following winter and summer vacation. It is believed that couples may think that a positive Christmas or summer vacation will help improve their relationships, but then they instead strain a marriage, as they can be stressful times for many couples and families.

In addition, the children's school calendar may also influence when couples decide to divorce. The research also looked at the impact of rising unemployment and declining home values on marital break-ups. The research focused on a Pacific Northwest state, however it has also been evaluated in other states, including Florida, which has similar divorce laws but varied demographics and economics. When controlling for other variables, the seasonal divorce pattern remained the same, according to the researchers.

After a couple has made the difficult decision to divorce, regardless of the timing, it is important for them to understand the family law resources available to help them resolve their divorce in a way that is as positive as possible for their family. The family law process provides resources to help couples resolve divorce-related concerns, which can include child custody, visitation and a parenting plan. It also provides a process for the division of property and a way to resolve other divorce-related issues important to the couple. The most basic purpose of the family law process is to facilitate settlement agreements between couples.

The end of marriage can be a challenging time under any circumstances. It is best to understand the ways the family law process can help and guide the couple towards an amicable settlement of their differences at any time, for the benefit of their family during a difficult period.

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