What are my Rights to Spousal Support if I get Divorced?

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Divorce on Friday, February 20, 2015.

Financial security and your financial future can be serious considerations at the end of a marriage and as a couple approaches divorce. Depending on the circumstances, how to support yourself and whether or not you may be entitled to receive spousal support, also referred to as alimony, can be a significant concern.

If one divorcing party has a need for spousal support, and the other party can pay, the court may require spousal support. In some situations alimony may be ordered on a permanent basis. It can also be ordered on a rehabilitative basis, a temporary basis and in some other types of situations. A combination of different types of alimony may also be ordered. Alimony may be required to be paid according to a schedule or as a lump sum.

There are a variety of factors that may be considered by the court when determining an award of spousal support. Factors that may be considered include: the standard of living during the marriage; the duration of the marriage; the age and physical and emotional conditions of the parties; the financial resources of the parties; the earning capacities of the parties; contributions of each party to the marriage; and the responsibilities the parties will have for any children following the dissolution of the marriage.

The divorce process may seem like it is full of uncertainty. Understanding how important decisions are made during the process may help divorcing parties proceed through the legal process in a positive fashion, given the circumstances.

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