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Ending a Marriage on a Positive Note: The Benefits of Mediation in FL Stop the Cycle of Violence by Ending an Abusive Relationship Establishing Paternity is a Critical to a Child's well-being Are Premarital Agreements Enforceable in Florida? To keep or sell? What to do with the Family home in a Divorce What is Alimony and why is it Important? Divorce Mediation has a Number of Benefits Planning for the Financial Future Following Divorce Knowing when and how a Parent can Relocate with a Child Lawmaker Proposes Penalty Changes for Delinquent Child Support Knowing what Rights Grandparents may Have What Should I Know About Adoption? The Benefits of Adoption How Long is my Divorce Likely to Take? Tips for Holiday co-parenting Success Child Custody Mediation may be Beneficial for Parents to Consider The Process for Developing a Child Custody Agreement Child Support Modifications may be a help Parents Paternity Action Involving Football Player Brought in Florida What are the Consequences for Failing to pay Child Support? Understanding same-sex Divorce Basketball Player Scottie Pippen Files for Divorce in Florida The Family Law Process Helps Parents Develop Parenting Plans What Factors Impact Grandparents' Rights? How Divorce Mediation may help During Divorce Former Miami Basketball Player's Child Support is Modified The Process for Challenging Paternity What Floridians Should know About Spousal Support How can a Prenuptial Agreement help Floridians? Florida man Given Adoption Papers by Stepdaughter for Birthday NFL Player Settles Outstanding Child Support and Avoids Arrest The Timing of end of Marriages in Florida The Importance of the Adoption Process Preparing for Divorce Mediation The Impact of a Gray Divorce How is Child Custody Decided? The Importance of Understanding a Divorce Settlement Agreement Understanding the Property Division Process in Florida Couples Should Understand the Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements What is a Domestic Partnership and how do I form one? Florida Women Seek Child Support Modification From NFL Player What are Different Types of Child Custody? Exploring Child Custody Modification Options in Florida Understanding Marital and non-marital Property Former NFL Player Faces Jail for Failure to pay Child Support Florida Family Law Process Available to Help Couples With Divorce How do you Establish Legal Paternity in Florida? How do I Know if a Parental Relocation Request will be Granted? Florida Bill Proposing Family Law Changes Vetoed Same-sex Adoption in Florida The Importance of Properly Preparing for Court During a Divorce Divorce Mediation can be Helpful for many Families What Types of Alimony are Available in Florida? What Should I Consider During my High Asset Divorce? Developing a Parenting plan is Always an Important Step What can be Included in a Prenuptial Agreement? The Impact and Importance of Determining Paternity Boxer Facing Consequences for Failing to pay Child Support The Process of Establishing Paternity is an Important One Alimony Changes are Once Again Being Considered in Florida Important Considerations when Adopting Understanding Grandparents' Rights in Florida Our Firm Helps Those Facing Property Division Disputes A look at gay Marriage in Florida one Year Later What are Visitation Rights and how are they Established? The Basics of Alimony Awards in Florida Florida Woman Receives Substantial Divorce Settlement Divorce Litigation can be Complex but Proper Guidance Helps How are Medical Expenses Handled in Child Support Situations? The Subject of Alimony Remains a Concern in Florida Avoiding Common Divorce-Related Mistakes It is Important to Understand Florida Relocation Rules Florida Judge Discusses Family Law Issues Including Child Support What are Grandparents' Rights? What Types of Alimony are Available to ex-spouses? Understanding Issues and Concerns for Same Sex Parents Rapper DMX Facing Paternity and Child Support Disputes in Florida Divorce Mediation can help Couples Divorcing in Florida How is Child Support Order Enforced in Florida? What Should I Know About Alimony when Divorcing in Florida? Florida Supreme Court Makes Important Prenuptial Agreement Ruling The Process of Establishing Paternity in Florida Florida Military Veteran Faces Child Custody Struggles Family Law Issues Require Careful Consideration What do Florida Courts Consider During Equitable Division? How Child Support is Handled in for Floridian Parents Grandparents' Rights Receive Continuing Focus and Attention Determining Paternity is Important for a Number of Reasons What is Paternity Fraud? Numerous Factors are Considered in Relocation Request Situations The Impact of Same-Sex Marriage Legalization in Florida Understanding time-sharing Parenting Plans in Florida Florida Woman Seeks Additional Child Support from Dwight Howard How can Mediation help in Divorce Situations? Seeking a Good Outcome in a High Asset Divorce Family Law Resources may Help with Child Support Frustrations It is Helpful to talk to Children when Parents are Divorcing What are my Options for Child Support Changes or Collection? Understanding the Child Support Process in Florida The Divorce Process Helps Couples With Property Division Florida Appeals Court rules gay Couples have the Right to Divorce A Better Understanding of Child Support Modification Requests Considerations for Developing a Relocation Parenting Plan The Different Requirements of a Parenting Plan for Child Custody What is a Paternity Test? Things to Think About when Considering Adoption in Florida Alimony Modifications Again on the Table in Florida Child Support Enforcement Consequences are Serious How do I Establish Paternity and why is it Important? Prenuptial Agreements can Facilitate Important Conversations What are my Rights to Spousal Support if I get Divorced? Family Law Legal Resources are Available to help all Couples What is on the Horizon for Same-Sex Marriage in Florida? Adoption Options for gay Couples in Florida may be Improving Ruling Makes Same-Sex Marriage, and Divorce, Legal in Florida Understanding Adoption in Florida Part 2: the Adoption Process Understanding Adoption in Florida Part 1: What is Adoption? Understanding the role Mediation may Play in your Florida Divorce Protecting Privacy in Divorce may be a Concern for many Families Florida Judge Grants full Custody of Children to Rocker's Wife What is Divorce Mediation and is it Right for me? Prenuptial Agreements have Important Uses Understanding Restraining Orders in Florida How is Child Support Calculated in Florida? Child Custody Options can help Children and Families Guidelines for Going Through the Florida Divorce Process What Child Visitation Rights do Grandparents have in Florida? Parents Should Work Toward Child Custody Agreements, if Possible What can be Included in a Prenuptial Agreement? Child Support is Important for Families Struggling with Poverty Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade Granted Custody of Nephew How Child Support Guidelines Affect Florida Parents License Suspension Possible for Delinquent Child Support What is Equitable Distribution of Property? In Florida, Property Division Governed by Equitable Distribution What is Paternity and how is it Determined? Imputed Earnings Possible for Child and Spousal Support Awards Broward County Judge Paves way for Possible Same-Sex Divorce A Closer look at how Child Custody Cases are Decided Alimony may be Modified in Florida Florida man goes to Jail for Failure to pay Child Support NBA Player seeks Paternity Test and Sole Custody of Child Florida man Jailed for Alleged Failure to pay Child Support When Going Through a Divorce, keep calm and move Forward Marc Anthony's Child Support Payment Increased T.V. Comedian's Divorce Recently Finalized Child Custody Myths Sometimes Complicate the Process Florida man Jailed for Failure to make Child Support Payments Florida Child Taken in Child Custody Dispute and Mother Reunited Gray Divorces are a Divorce Trend in Florida and Elsewhere Southern Political Candidate Involved in Paternity Dispute Florida State Court Decides on Indian Child Custody Jurisdiction Understanding the Divorce Process can be Helpful to move Forward Rapper Ordered to pay Child Support after Modification Request Research Underutilized in Homosexual Child Custody Decisions Cassidy and wife Lower Price of home in Anticipation of Divorce Child Custody Issues Require a Keen Focus on Important Interests Those Divorcing in Midlife are not Alone Beyonce's Father Receives Requested Decrease in Child Support Floridians Advised to be Knowledgeable and Unemotional in Divorce A bad Marriage may Potentially harm Children more than Divorce ABC's Bachelor Faced FL Child Support Trouble According to Report Ways to Make the Divorce Process go Smoothly Child Custody Laws may be Revisited in Favor of Shared Parenting Prenuptial Agreements can Help Couples in a Variety of Ways Former NFL Buccaneers' Player Faces Child Support Charges Florida Alimony Reform may be on Lawmakers' Agendas once Again Florida man Facing Jail Time for Non-payment of Child Support Understanding Financial Situation in Divorce can be Helpful Rapper DMX Settles back Child Support Case Child Custody and Relocation Focus on Best Interests of the Child The New Year is a Popular Time for those Considering Divorce Rapper Faces Paternity Action in Florida Should Parents tie Child Support and Custody Issues Together? In U.S., $14 Billion in Child Support went Unpaid in one Year FL Supreme Court makes Important Lesbian Child Custody Ruling Divorce and Obtaining a Clear Picture of Assets Child Custody Holiday Considerations are Best made in Advance Timely Divorce Process Saves Time and Money for Divorcing Couples How Child Support is Calculated in Florida Legal Tips for Unwed Fathers Changes in Healthcare Laws may Impact Divorce Negotiations Penalties for Failure to pay Child Support can be Serious In Gray Divorces, the Goals are the Same-Fairness and Equity Florida Great-grandmother Given Custody of Children Some FL Areas Offer Domestic Partner Benefits Acknowledging the Sibling Bond in Child Custody Situations Woman Faces Fine for Paternity Fraud Rapper Illustrates Penalties for Failing to pay Child Support Rocker Liam Gallagher Faces Paternity Suit Cooperation, if Possible, is Best in Child Support Modifications Miami Heat Player Dwayne Wade finally Reaches Settlement With Ex Same-sex Couple in Florida Hopeful Changes may be Coming Paternity test says Rapper is not the Father of 2-year-old Child Divorce up for Older Couples-leading to Contested Property Issues Miami Heat Player Chris Bosh Seeks Primary Custody of Daughter Florida man Jailed for Failure to pay Child Support First FL gay Adoptive Parent Supports Federal gay Adoption Law Bieber Faces new Paternity Claim from Alleged Night in Florida Woods's Recent Behavior may Violate Divorce Agreement Noncustodial Parent Abducts Children with Plans to go to FL Mother of Child asks FL Basketball Player for more Child Support Basketball Player Wade pays $25k a Month in Alimony Broward Co. Woman Receives Prison for Kidnapping Daughter Bill that will Bring Changes to Alimony laws Goes to FL Governor Father Takes Children Taken from Grandparents' Custody in Florida Florida mom in Dispute over Grandparents' Visitation Rights Former NFL Player Divorcing 'Housewives' Wife Grandparents' Rights in Florida may be Changing Domestic Partner Registry Already in Broward County may Grow Michael Jordan asks for Paternity Action to be Dismissed New Florida bills Propose Sweeping Changes to Alimony Former Florida first lady Loses Custody of Daughters Temporarily FL man Erroneously Accused of Failing to pay Child Support FL Judge Allows gay Couple, Biological dad on birth Certificate Ex-NFL Player's Wife Wants Temporary Alimony in Florida Florida Woman Shares Struggles Receiving Child Support Couple with the Same Name Married in Florida file for Divorce Sperm Donor Sought for Child Support Many South FL Families Adopt Internationally--concern over Russian ban Florida Court Received Paternity Petition for Spears' Child Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad, Formerly of FL, Arrested Florida Alimony Law Remains a hot Issue in Divorce How is Insurance Coverage for Children Included in Divorce? Rodman Ordered to pay $500,000 in Child Support--jail Threatened Deported man gets Custody of kids for now--complexities Follow Determination of Florida Paternity Case Deemed Important Delinquent Child Support is a Major Issue in Florida Florida Grandmother Seeks Visitation with Grandchildren Despite Potential Hurdles, Florida Adoption has Major Rewards So-called Gray Divorces on the Rise in Florida Failure to pay Florida Child Support Comes with Consequences Complex Modern Child Custody Issues Challenge FL Families DNA Testing for Paternity can Provide Vital Information Prenuptial Agreements aren't just for Protecting a Wealthy Spouse Child Custody Disputes can be Complex and Emotional Florida Parents Marry; Dad aims to Avoid Paying Child Support Florida Domestic Partnerships Expand: Does this Affect Divorce? Pop Music star Usher's Child Custody Dispute Ended DNA Testing Truck Takes Paternity Disputes to the Streets Parents' duel Sparks Family Law Battle Across State Lines Florida Divorce Papers Filed After OchoCinco Domestic Allegations Should Florida Adopt new rule in Unpaid Child Support Cases? Super Bowl Sunday a Holiday in Florida Custody? Why not? Claim that Rick Ross Fathered Child in Florida put to Rest
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"Cindy and her staff were extremely vigilant and effective in resolving my child support case. They promptly returned calls and kept me informed. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a family lawyer." D.A.
"Cindy Sackrin was very knowledgeable and professional with my case. She is a great attorney and she really showed her 30 years experience in my mediation process. I highly recommend hiring her as you always want to use someone who is not only well experienced, but also looking in the best interest of everyone when it comes to family law." A.B.
"Great lawyer and I will continue to use Mrs. Sackrin when in need." C.R.