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Divorce Litigation Can Be Complex But Proper Guidance Helps

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2015 | Divorce

Because life can oftentimes be complex, divorce can also sometimes be complex. Divorces may involve complex family law issues that are part of the divorce process which is it important to understand how to properly approach.

Complex family law issues can include divorces involving high net worth. Divorce disputes concerning high net worth, high value assets and division of wealth can include complications such as co-mingling of marital and non-marital assets. Understanding how property is divided, how to separate assets and properly value assets can be important in any divorce but may lead to additional disputes during a high net worth divorce which can place added importance on understanding how to handle those assets.

Property division may also be complicated when a divorcing couple owns a business together. It is necessary to understand how to properly value the business and in any high net worth property division situation, forensic accounts are likely necessary to help determine property values and division and help resolve alimony concerns. Other divorce-related issues, such as inheritances which can sometimes cause complicated divorce disputes, should also be carefully understood to help better guide couples through the divorce process.

Additional divorce complexities can include child support and child custody concerns, especially when a child has a special need. Special needs may not be accounted for by basic child support or basic child custody arrangements. Additional child support or special time-sharing arrangements may be necessary.

No two divorces are exactly the same and divorces oftentimes involve heated disputes that may make negotiating a settlement challenging. With the benefit of the proper knowledge and guidance throughout the divorce process, divorcing couples can better navigate the challenges associated with divorce litigation and better focus on the future following the divorce.