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Our Firm Helps Those Facing Property Division Disputes

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2016 | Divorce

Property division is one of the primary concerns for many couples going through a divorce. With property division, couples, or a court, have to determine which assets are deemed marital and non-marital assets so that they can be divided accordingly.

The couple’s assets must also be valued. Assets can include a number of different types of property, such as real estate, cars, jewelry, pensions, and retirement accounts. Florida follows equitable distribution rules concerning property division. Therefore, in order for property to be fairly and equitably distributed between the spouses, it may be necessary for accountants or others to value the couple’s assets. Valuation of assets will help determine the rights of the spouses to certain assets and how to fairly and equitably divide the assets.

In equitable division states such as Florida, the court determines what a fair division of property is between the divorcing spouses is rather than dividing the property in half. Important factors can impact the division of property, such as the earnings of the divorcing spouses. Because of the nature of the equitable division process, it is important for divorcing couples to understand how the legal process works so they can seek a division of assets that meets their financial needs following the divorce.

Fortunately, those facing property division issues can seek assistance from a dedicated and experience attorney. Our law firm prides itself on identifying our clients’ needs and aggressively pursuing them. It is our hope to always reach a favorable resolution that leaves our client on firm financial footing, ready to start his or her new life.