Couple with the Same Name Married in Florida file for Divorce

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Divorce on Tuesday, January 22, 2013.

The end of a marriage can present many difficult emotions and confusion, but understanding the process may help simplify the separation.

The couple with the same first and last name, married three years ago in Florida, have filed for divorce in Broward County. Irreconcilable differences have been named as the reason for the divorce. The wife was from Florida and the husband was from Texas, a difference the husband mentioned when he stated that they "really did come from pretty different worlds." Three years ago, the wife searched her own name on Facebook and found her future husband. The contact through Facebook sparked the whirlwind romance and marriage. The couple, who have different middle names, were featured in local, national and worldwide media.

A divorce proceeding generally begins with the submission of a written complaint to the court by one of the parties. The complaint, also known as a petition, will contain the reason the initiating party is seeking the divorce and describe how that party wants to resolve property division, financial issues and child support and custody concerns. . The complaint will then be filed with the court by a lawyer, and the spouse that is being served with the divorce petition will have a certain amount of time to respond. If the spouse that is being served does not answer, the court may assume that the spouse that was served agrees with the petition.

If the parties do not agree, some or all disputes can be resolved through mediation and settlement, and some states require mediation. The couple will exchange documents and information related to property and income. If a settlement agreement is reached between the parties, it will be shown to the judge, who will determine if each party fully understands the agreement and reached it freely. If the judge determines that is the case, the judge can then issue a divorce decree memorializing the agreement. If the couple were unable to reach an agreement on the divorce legal issues, disputed issues will go to trial. The judge will decide disputed issues after hearing arguments from both parties during the trial and grant a divorce.

Divorce can be an uncomfortable process filled with complex emotions. Knowing what to expect and having the experienced guidance of a family law attorney may help relieve some of that discomfort and make the process less complicated.

Source: International Business Times,, "Kelly Hildebrandt And Kelly Hildebrandt Divorce: Couple Calls It Quits After Three Years," Jan. 15, 2013

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