Determining Paternity is Important for a Number of Reasons

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Paternity on Friday, July 31, 2015.

This blog recently discussed paternity fraud and what can happen if paternity is determined incorrectly. An accurate determination of paternity can be important, however, in a number of different situations, as well, that do not involve paternity fraud. Paternity can be in issue in a number of circumstances including when a child is born outside of a valid marriage.

In order to establish important concerns such as a father's rights or child support considerations, paternity must be established for the court to take desired action. Paternity can have important legal implications for child support in Broward County as everywhere else in the country.

Paternity determinations can be important to fathers, mothers and children. When a child is born outside of a legal marriage, a father does not have the legal right to make decisions concerning the child. In addition to those implications mentioned above, a father is required to have a legal determination of paternity to be able to make important decisions such as major medical care decisions and schooling decisions for the child, as well as the decision to move the child out of town or state. A legal determination of paternity must also be made for a mother to obtain child support from the child's father.

Paternity can be established through a DNA test which can be ordered by the court through a paternity action. Either the mother of the child, or putative father, can bring a paternity action to determine the paternity of a child. A determination of paternity has a number of important implications for the child, as well as the parents. Paternity impacts emotional and financial concerns for the growth and development of the child which is why the family law legal process provides options for families to accurately determine paternity. Lawyers at our firm have extensive experience in helping father's exert their rights. For more on paternity, visit our page.

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