Florida man Jailed for Alleged Failure to pay Child Support

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Child Support on Friday, July 11, 2014.

Child support may be a complex issue for many families, however, legal resources are available to help with both the collection and, when deemed necessary, modification of child support. A Florida man is facing charges in another state because he failed to pay $83,000 in child support. The man was placed in jail on $50,000 cash bail or $100,000 bond. The man was wanted on separate warrants in 2012 and 2013 and authorities say other proceedings are also pending in other courts. Several law enforcements agencies, as well as other agencies, collaborated to make the arrest.

The importance of paying required child support can be underscored by the penalties that can be faced for failure to pay child support. Penalties can include license suspension; denial of a passport; the withholding of tax refunds; garnishment of wages; and jail time in some circumstances. Child support enforcement options are plenty and consequences for failure to pay child support payments are serious.

That said, there are times when a paying parent may experience difficulties making monthly payments of child support. A paying parent's circumstances may change to the extent that it no longer seems possible to make monthly child support payments such in cases when a job has been lost. In that situation, it is important to avoid delinquent payments and seek a child support modification as soon as possible. Similarly, a change in circumstances for the custodial parent, such as a significant change in cost of living for the child may occasion a situation where in a custodial parent seeks a child support modification.

Once a support agreement has been established through the court, it is important that the support agreement is followed. Circumstances, however, may change which cause a parent to utilize resources that may be available through the family law legal system to help with child support issues and struggles.

Source: MidHudsonRadio, "Florida man arrested for owing $83,000 in Ulster child support," July 10, 2014

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