Florida Women Seek Child Support Modification From NFL Player

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Child Support on Friday, June 24, 2016.

Following the signing of his lucrative NFL contract, two women who have children fathered by NFL cornerback Janoris Jenkins recently brought petitions in Florida for increased child support payments and other benefits. Each woman has one child with Jenkins and entered into a paternity settlement with 27-year old cornerback in 2013. The two children were born in 2009 and 2010. Each of the women filed a petition for modification of their child support orders.

In addition to a modification of child support, one of the women also requested that Jenkins pay for private school and related expenses; increase the amount of his life insurance policy to secure his new child support obligation; and adjust the amount each of the parties pays for extracurricular activities. The other woman made similar requests and an upward deviation request in the amount of support because Jenkins fails to spend time with the child.

In 2013, Jenkins agreed to pay $4,000 a month in child support to both women and listed his gross income as $84,000. Child support may be a concern that changes over time for many families as income, expenses and circumstances vary and change. Different factors are considered when developing a child support award and Florida utilizes child support guidelines to establish child support awards. When requesting a child support modification, it is important to understand child support guidelines and how factors such as the income of the parents and the health care and other needs of the child, in addition to other concerns, may be considered when awarding child support or considering a request to modify child support.

Child support can sometimes be a challenging and contentious issue but the family law process strives to provide resources that are a straightforward as possible for parents to follow and understand what to expect. Being familiar with these resources can help guide parents through their child support concerns.

Source:, "Mothers of Janoris Jenkins' kids seek increase in child support after Giants payday," June 8, 2016

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