What are my Options for Child Support Changes or Collection?

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Child Support on Thursday, May 21, 2015.

Last week's blog focused on the ways in which child support orders can be established. Following a child support order, life moves on and circumstances may change. This week's blog focuses on child support modifications and enforcement of child support orders. Because situations can change, many paying and child support recipient parents may wonder what options are available to them if they need to modify their child support order or need help collecting child support based on an existing order.

In Florida, parents can receive assistance with a child support modification. In circumstances when the needs of the parents or child have changed, a child support modification may be possible. A change in the family that is significant, such as a job loss, may warrant a child support modification in some circumstances. A significant change in circumstances can be reviewed based on a petition to the court to determine if a child support modification is appropriate and can be granted.

In circumstances when a valid child support order is in place but a parent is not paying, the parent may face driver's license suspension, professional license suspension, a refused passport or other types of license suspension. In addition, tax refunds, workers' compensation benefits and other sources of income may be intercepted to satisfy outstanding child support obligations. Wages can also be withheld, bank accounts can be levied, a number of different types of liens can be placed on different types of property and negative reports may be made to credit reporting agencies in circumstances when child support goes unpaid. In Florida, $1.57 billion in child support was collected in 2014 and greater than $1 billion of that was through wage withholding.

Because of the serious nature of child support obligations, and the consequences for failing to pay required child support, parents struggling to meet child support obligations may wish to promptly explore options for seeking a child support modification. The family law process in Florida seeks to help paying and child support recipient parents with child support obligations to ensure the best interests of the child are properly served.

Source: Department of Revenue Child Support Program, "Overview," Accessed May 16, 2015

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