What Should I Know About Adoption?

On behalf of The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin posted in Family Law on Friday, January 13, 2017.

This blog recently discussed the benefits of adoption and if you are considering adoption to grow or start your family, you may have questions concerning the basics of adoption such as who may adopt and who may be adopted. When making the decision to adopt, there are different options available to consider. Adoptions can be done through adoption agencies or can be done independently through an independent adoption.

Adoptions can also be open or closed which determines how much contact the prospective parents will have with the birth parents. Prospective parents may want to carefully consider how much contact they want to have with the birth parents which may also impact the life of the adopted child into the future. Prospective parents may also participate in the home study process which helps inform the prospective parents concerning adoption and also collects information related to the adoptive family and evaluates their fitness for adoption. Overall, the home study process can help ensure prospective parents are prepared for the adoption process.

There are also important legal requirements to be familiar with, including obtaining consent for the adoption and a termination of parental rights. The adoptive parents will also need to obtain approval from the court which is usually achieved through an adoption petition in most states. Because legal requirements can vary, it is useful to be familiar with the requirements in your state. In addition, there are different types of adoption, or different adoption processes, to be familiar with including agency adoption, independent adoption, international adoption, relative adoption, stepparent adoption and others.

The adoption process can be a great opportunity to many prospective parents and families. Understanding the details of the process can help it proceed more smoothly to the positive outcome desired.

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