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Research underutilized in homosexual child custody decisions

Child custody decisions may sometimes be difficult but focusing on determining the best interests of the child may make them less so.

Research shows that court decisions that favor a heterosexual parent over a homosexual parent in child custody disputes do not take into account research that shows that homosexual parents are as effective at parenting as heterosexual parents. Research also shows that children raised by homosexual couples are as well-adjusted as those raised by a man and a woman. Researchers are encouraging judges and courts to take the research into account so that custody decisions, they argue, may more clearly reflect the best interests of the child.

Cassidy and wife lower price of home in anticipation of divorce

Preparing in advance for property division and other divorce legal issues may help the divorce process proceed more smoothly.

David Cassidy and his soon-to-be ex-wife recently significantly lowered the price of their Florida mansion in order to sell it, in anticipation of the couple's upcoming divorce. Cassidy's wife recently filed for divorce after Cassidy was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol for the third time. The couple is divorcing after 23 years of marriage. Cassidy, a former teen star and singer for the Partridge family, is believed to be in rehab.

Child custody issues require a keen focus on important interests

Parents facing child custody and co-parenting challenges should remember to remain focused on the best interests of the children.

Child custody issues can be delicate, as the end of a relationship can also be. Parents may find that to reduce tensions, and for the benefit of the children, it is better to focus on kindness and understanding when approaching issues such as co-parenting. While the couple may once have been in a loving relationship, it is not required that the end of the relationship necessarily be adversarial. Although it may be challenging, maintaining a positive relationship is in the best interests of a positive co-parenting relationship and in the best interests of the child.

Those divorcing in midlife are not alone

While divorce may oftentimes carry negative connotations for Florida residents, the process, once decided upon, does not have to be a negative one.

As more people are entering divorce in midlife and later in life, there may be different divorce considerations for those in that situation. The "graying" of divorce has caused divorce rates for those over 50 to double in the past two decades. Those divorcing in "midlife" should understand that they are not alone. According to counseling experts, for those who have spent years wondering if their marriage is happy or not, it may be time to do something.

Beyonce's father receives requested decrease in child support

Parents facing concerns that a child support agreement does not address current needs may be able to seek options through the family law process.

Pop star Beyonce's father was recently granted a reduction in child support for Beyonce's much-younger half brother. Beyonce's mother filed for divorce a month after Matthew Knowles was named in the paternity suit. Knowles received a substantial cut in child support because his income significantly dropped after Beyonce fired him as her manager in 2011.

Floridians advised to be knowledgeable and unemotional in divorce

The end of a marriage can be a complicated time, and not without disputes, which is why remaining focused and knowledgeable about important divorce legal issues can be important.

For every two people getting married, one person is getting divorced and many of these divorces occur in long-term marriages. Many people make poor financial decisions during the divorce process, as cooler heads are unable to prevail. These poor decisions made amidst an emotional time can follow people long after the divorce. Additionally, the financial aspects of divorce are more complicated than ever. An important first step to managing the financial aspects of divorce can be creating a financial lifestyle analysis to better understand personal finances and spending.

A bad marriage may potentially harm children more than divorce

Divorce and child custody considerations may sometimes seem overwhelming, but the legal process is designed to help families through these difficulties.

Divorce is rarely viewed with fondness in our society, as it may mean that a family is no longer living under one roof and child custody issue will arise. Sometimes, however, one expert argues, remaining in a dysfunctional marriage and family situation can be detrimental to children, as well. The behavior patterns children see modeled in relationships between parents may become the patterns the children adopt for love and relationships in their own lives. The toxic situation will take its toll on everyone in the family, including parents and children. While divorce may bring up concerns related to child custody and other issues, it may be helpful to better understand those issues when considering embarking on that path.

ABC's bachelor faced FL child support trouble according to report

The legal system is equipped to help parents seeking to enforce a child support order, as well as parents struggling to meet obligations pursuant to a child support order.

It has been reported that Florida's state Department of Revenue had to take action against Juan Pablo Galavis, the first Hispanic bachelor on ABS's television show, The Bachelor, for failure to pay child support. Child support enforcement authorities in Florida, at the request of the then two-year-old child's mother, proceeded with child support enforcement action against Galavis for nonpayment of child support for the child whom he and the woman share. According to reports, Galavis was 16 months behind in child support monthly payments, for a total of about $3,900, in addition to the medical expenses that authorities were also pursuing on behalf of the child's mother. There is no evidence to currently suggest that Galavis is not paying child support for his now five-year old child.

Ways to make the divorce process go smoothly

Spouses and parents can make some mistakes during the divorce process. Emotions can be difficult to deal with at the end of the marriage, which can lead to negativity in the divorce process. For fathers who are divorcing there may be some important considerations to take into account that can apply to anyone in the divorce process. For instance, it is always a good idea to avoid increasing the cost of the divorce process because of spite or other emotions and minimize disputes as much as is reasonably possible.

In fact, the divorce process can proceed the most smoothly and with the best outcomes when the parties work together to resolve divorce legal issues. This is because the spouses are able to make many determinations that the court will otherwise decide if the divorcing spouses are unable to come to an agreement. The court can be a useful tool, however, for post-divorce modifications and other concerns the couple are unable to resolve without some assistance. When an issue does arise following the divorce, it is important to seek an agreement modification in a timely fashion and not wait for the problem to grow.

Child custody laws may be revisited in favor of shared parenting

Divorce and child custody issues can bring up many emotions which is why it is important that parents fully understand the family law process and the laws that impact them.

Lawmakers throughout the country are exploring the idea of shared parenting as advocates argue that parents that are divorcing should share equal custody. As a result, lawmakers have been examining child custody laws. An alimony reform bill, however, that included shared parenting was vetoed in Florida last year. Advocates in favor of shared parenting argue that shared parenting laws, which provide for equal parenting time for both parents, are better for children and can lead to a better relationship with the child. Advocates object to laws that award sole custody unless some type of abuse is involved.