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Avoiding common divorce-related mistakes

During the divorce legal process, there are a number of important concerns ranging from property division to child custody that couples must consider. Because so much is on the line for divorcing couples, it is helpful to understand and avoid common divorce-related mistakes.

It is important to understand Florida relocation rules

Sharing custody of children can be difficult as parents negotiate time-sharing, visitation and other child custody-related concerns. Where children will reside and whether parents will share joint custody or one parent will have sole physical custody of the children all have to be decided upon. Additional concerns can arise related to relocation following a divorce and child custody order.

Florida judge discusses family law issues including child support

A Florida judge recently discussed child support, child support enforcement, child support modification and other family law issues, including paternity. The judge's talk was part of the local Law in the Library series. The judge commented on a variety of issues in the family law arena commonly important to residents of the local community and Florida.

What are grandparents' rights?

Parents and grandparents both may be aware of the ongoing discussions surrounding grandparents' rights. Both parents and grandparents may wonder, however, exactly what is meant by grandparents' rights. Grandparents' rights, generally, refers to the rights grandparents have to visit their grandchildren.

What types of alimony are available to ex-spouses?

The topic of alimony is frequently in the news and seems to be a common topic of conversation. This may lead to questions about what types of alimony may be available through the divorce process. Several factors contribute to an alimony award; among the factors that help determine alimony include the length of the marriage, the ability of one spouse to pay alimony, the earning potential of the other spouse, and a host of additional factors. In general, there are several different alimony types.

Understanding issues and concerns for same sex parents

There has been some controversy concerning the rights of same sex couples and parents, and the legal status of same sex parents, in Florida recently. Same sex couples and families can face unique parenting challenges. When same sex partners begin a family they may complete the process through a sperm donor or surrogate. In circumstances when one parent is a biological parent, such as when two women use a sperm donor and one of the partners conceives the child, the other parent in some states can become a legal second parent through a step parent or second parent adoption, depending on the circumstances.

Rapper DMX facing paternity and child support disputes in Florida

Popular 1990s and early 2000s rapper DMX is embroiled in both paternity and child support disputes in Florida. The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, has 12 children and is currently in jail for failure to pay child support. He was sentenced to six months in jail for failure to pay child support. Florida officials are ordering the rapper to take a DNA test, however, it appears that paperwork was mistakenly sent to a man named Earl Simmons living in another state. The rapper's former partner is seeking to show that DMX is the father of her two children, as part of the child support dispute between the two.

Divorce mediation can help couples divorcing in Florida

Mediation can be useful in a number of legal situations, including in divorce. In Florida, many couples choose mediation over the more traditional route of a litigate divorce. Divorce issues can be resolved in a less contentious and costly manner through divorce mediation. Furthermore, this process can provide more involvement for the parties as they work with a mediator, rather than relying on a judge, to reach agreements concerning important divorce-related issues.

How is child support order enforced in Florida?

There are a number of ways child support orders are enforced in Florida. Whether you are a child support recipient parent or a parent paying child support in Florida, you may wonder what the enforcement measures are. One way is that the Department of Revenue (DOR) may send notices for income withholding to employers and other sources of income. Banks and other financial institutions may also receive notices for garnishment from the Department of Revenue, concerning parents who owe unpaid child support.

What should I know about alimony when divorcing in Florida?

There are many things to know about alimony in Florida but some basic points can be helpful for divorcing couples wondering what to expect. Alimony in Florida can be for rehabilitative purposes, bridge-the-gap purposes, durational, permanent or a combination of the different types of alimony. When making an alimony determination, the court considers the needs of the party seeking alimony and the ability of the other party to pay. When considering alimony, the court evaluates a number of factors, which are described in Florida's family law statutes.