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Alimony reform under consideration again in Florida

Alimony can be a primary concern for many divorcing couples which is why it is important for them to fully understand. A nationally-based parent's organization, which is a political organization, has provided support for alimony reform legislation currently in the Florida legislature. The proposed legislation would allow for greater predictability concerning the court's decision making and allow the divorcing couple greater ability to financially plan following their divorce.

Divorce mediation has a number of benefits

Because of the number of cases in family law court, divorcing couples in Florida are required to go through the divorce mediation process. The mediation process can be beneficial, however, as it allows divorcing couples the opportunity to resolve divorce-related issues in a manner that can be less costly and less divisive. The mediation process can also be a faster process when compared to litigating a divorce. Another advantage is that the mediation process provides more control over the process for the couple rather than having the family law court make decisions for the couple.

Planning for the financial future following divorce

Planning for divorce is not a process many couples envision but it is important to be financially prepared for divorce. It is important to determine what type of divorce process is best for the couple and the circumstances. Options can include traditional divorce litigation, collaborative law divorce, mediation and negotiations to arrive at a settlement. Having the proper guidance will help to determine what process is best for the situation and help the couple navigate the process.

Knowing when and how a parent can relocate with a child

Parental relocation can be a significant concern for many families following a divorce and in some other circumstances as well. Parental relocation can have a large impact on a child custody situation, impacting the child in a meaningful way. Without an agreement, parental relocation can potentially lead to a child custody dispute as the noncustodial parent may have understandable concerns regarding custody and visitation related to a proposed relocation.

Lawmaker proposes penalty changes for delinquent child support

Family law resources are available to help guide parents through child support challenges they may face. A Florida state lawmaker recently filed the Florida Responsible Parent Act which would protect parents in certain categories from contempt of court charges for failure to pay child support. Parents in certain situations who were delinquent on their child support payments would not be subject to contempt of court charges under the proposed amendment to the statute. The statute currently provides for suspending driver's licenses and motor vehicle registrations for parents behind on child support but provides categories of exclusion from those penalties.

Knowing what rights grandparents may have

Grandparents' rights can be a sensitive issue for many families. It can also be an extremely important issue for many grandparents. It is helpful to understand what rights to visitation and custody of their grandchildren, if any, grandparents may have and that those considerations are influenced by state laws. In addition, because what is in the best interests of the child is always considered, courts may have some discretion concerning grandparents' rights and what is best for the children.

What should I know about adoption?

This blog recently discussed the benefits of adoption and if you are considering adoption to grow or start your family, you may have questions concerning the basics of adoption such as who may adopt and who may be adopted. When making the decision to adopt, there are different options available to consider. Adoptions can be done through adoption agencies or can be done independently through an independent adoption.

The benefits of adoption

With a variety of different types of families today, there are a number of different adults that may be important in a child's life including step parents or family members such as aunts and uncles or others. The bond that develops may even be similar to that of a child and its birth parent. The family law adoption process provides a resource for families to give legal recognition to these important relationships.

How long is my divorce likely to take?

The divorce process can seem complicated and uncertain after a couple has made the difficult decision to divorce. The length of a divorce can depend on a number of different factors, including the ability of the couple to work together to resolve divorce-related issues. The more the divorcing couple understands the divorce process, the more likely the process is to resolve more quickly, more amicably and at less cost to the couple. Knowing the different phases of the process can be helpful.

Tips for holiday co-parenting success

Divorce can be challenging for the entire family and the holidays following a divorce can be particularly challenging, overwhelming and emotional. Though there are many changes to adjust to following divorce, and holidays may be among them, it is still possible to enjoy the holidays and create meaningful new traditions for the children when old traditions cannot be celebrated.

Co-parenting following a divorce can be challenging but there are tips and resources in place through the family law system that can help address concerns parents may have. Putting the children first and remaining focused on what is in their best interests can help the holiday season and overall future following a divorce proceed more smoothly. During the holidays, it may not always be possible to adhere to all the same rituals following the divorce as before the divorce but new rituals can be created and the children can be involved in the process.