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What Floridians should know about spousal support

Spousal support, or alimony, may be a primary concern in a divorce. It should not be confused with child support, which is awarded on behalf of a minor child. Generally, spousal support is based on one spouse's need and the other's ability to pay. In addition, spousal support may be awarded on a permanent basis in certain circumstances. At its most basic level, spousal support is a payment from one spouse to another spouse, commonly to the spouse that is lower wage earning or non-wage earning, especially if that spouse forewent career opportunities to enrich the marriage, such as to raise children or be a homemaker.

How can a prenuptial agreement help Floridians?

While marriage is based on a loving relationship two people share, it is also a legal and contractual commitment that can have financial, as well as other, impacts. A prenuptial agreement, or premarital agreement, can protect both spouses entering the marriage, and can have a number of important benefits. At the outset, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain requirements for a valid prenuptial agreement, and requirements can vary by state which is why it is important to know the laws for a valid prenuptial agreement in your state.

Florida man given adoption papers by stepdaughter for birthday

A Florida man recently received adoption papers for his 53rd birthday from his 22-year old stepdaughter. The man received the legal papers along with a pen for his birthday gift this year. At first, he thought it was a joke, and then realized what his stepdaughter's gift to him meant and asked her if he was adopting her. His stepdaughter responded that he did not have to adopt her, but that she would like it he did. The man remarked that she had no idea what the adoption request meant to him. Although his stepdaughter is older than 18, Florida allows for adult adoptions.

NFL player settles outstanding child support and avoids arrest

A former NFL cornerback recently signed a contract with an NFL team to place him back on an NFL payroll and aid with child support obligations. The 32-year old football player was recently due in Florida family court concerning his child support obligations but did not appear. His outstanding child support issues and failure to appear led to a warrant for his arrest being issued. but the warrant was withdrawn once he made a child support payment of an undisclosed amount.

The timing of end of marriages in Florida

University research has revealed that the timing of divorce is often influenced seasonally by family rituals and the vacation calendar. According to the study, the number of divorces consistently peaks during the spring and summer months, following winter and summer vacation. It is believed that couples may think that a positive Christmas or summer vacation will help improve their relationships, but then they instead strain a marriage, as they can be stressful times for many couples and families.

The importance of the adoption process

Adoption is an important way to build many types of families. It can be used by heterosexual couples, and gay and lesbians alike, to build families, and it can also be beneficial in other circumstances, including step-parent adoptions. Many non-traditional relationships are important to children during their childhood, such as step-parent relationships. The adoption process allows these relationships to gain legal recognition as many children may develop bonds similar to bonds they share with a birth parent with step-parents and others.

Preparing for divorce mediation

The Florida divorce process can be difficult, but divorce mediation may help, which is why it can be useful to understand the basics of divorce mediation. It is important to be prepared for the process, which many spouses may receive help doing. Divorce mediation may be a choice the couple makes, or it may be court mandated. The circumstances of each divorce, however, are different, so it is important that the needs and concerns of the particular couple are addressed and the couple is prepared to focus on those issues.

The impact of a gray divorce

From 1990 to 2010, the number of gray divorces in the United States has doubled. A 2001 survey revealed 41 percent of men 50 to 59 are divorced and 39 percent of women in the same age group are divorced. Gray divorces are considered divorces over the age of 50 and can have a significant impact on the finances of the divorcing couple. Gray divorces are considered more financially complex than some other types of divorces.

How is child custody decided?

Child custody disputes can be ugly and do not benefit the children which is why it can be helpful for parents to be familiar with how child custody determinations are made and how child custody concerns evaluated. The family law process resolves child custody concerns based on what is in the best interests of the child. What is in the best interests of the child is established after the court considers and evaluates a variety of important factors.

The importance of understanding a divorce settlement agreement

Moving forward following divorce can be challenging. As former spouses progress into the future after their divorce, their divorce settlement agreement can be increasingly important. The divorce settlement agreement can be used to govern a number of important concerns a couple may have following their divorce, regardless of circumstances and how their relationship has progressed pre-divorce.