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What is paternity fraud?

Families and individuals who have been through the process of paternity and child support may have questions about the paternity process. One question that may arise is what is paternity fraud and why is it serious? Paternity fraud is sometimes referred to as misattributed paternity and can have emotional and financial consequences.

Numerous factors are considered in relocation request situations

Life and circumstances can change which is why many parents may wonder how changing circumstances following a child custody agreement may impact the agreement. In particular, a parent seeking to relocate with children may wonder what legal options for relocation are available and under what circumstances they may relocate with their children.

The impact of same-sex marriage legalization in Florida

Earlier this year, a federal judge in Florida instructed court clerks in Florida to follow his order and issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Following the judge's instructions, thousands of same-sex couples have been married in Florida. Although precise numbers are not available, court clerks in Central Florida have reported a sharp increase in the number of marriage licenses issued. Some counties in Florida report greater than a 30 percent increase in marriage licenses. During a 24-hour period following the judge's order earlier this year, Broward County had the highest number of same-sex marriage licenses issued with a total of 184.

Understanding time-sharing parenting plans in Florida

In Florida, visitation related to child custody is now referred to as time-sharing which helps to promote creative and diverse child custody agreements that best serve the child's best interests in each unique situation. Parenting plans and time-sharing can be a significant and emotional aspect of any couple's divorce which is why it can be helpful to understand as much about the process up front as possible.

Florida woman seeks additional child support from Dwight Howard

At times, and in certain circumstances, child support changes may be possible. A Florida woman is seeking additional child support from NBA basketball player Dwight Howard. Howard allegedly pays $10,000 a month in child support for the 4-year old son he shares with the woman. The woman is seeking an increase in child support and claims that Howard has not paid all of what he currently owes. Howard earns an estimated $27 million a year in NBA salary and endorsements deals. The woman claims that the current child support amount based on their agreement should be increased to pay for the child's schooling, activities and additional needs.

How can mediation help in divorce situations?

The divorce process can be a challenging and emotional struggle. Because of the challenges divorcing couples face, they may wonder about mediation options and how it might help. In general, as part of divorce proceedings, parties can either request mediation or the court can order it. Because there are a variety of divorce-related legal issues that can oftentimes be contested, mediation allows parties to come to agreements on contested issues with the help of a mediator.

Seeking a good outcome in a high asset divorce

Divorce can be an emotionally difficult experience, however, high-asset divorces can involve additional complexities. Parties to a divorce may, at times, act more emotionally than rationally. This can cloud settlement negotiations and even basic financial errors can cost a party significantly in the settlement process and into the future.

Family law resources may help with child support frustrations

Recent reports in the Florida news media have highlighted complaints that the state's child support system is not processing child support payments in a timely manner. Critics say that Florida's Department of Revenue, which handles child support, has been slow in receiving incoming payments and then depositing them in recipients' bank accounts through direct deposit.

It is helpful to talk to children when parents are divorcing

Divorce can be a challenging process for any family. There are a number of changes that must be planned for in a divorce situation, including the creation of separate bank accounts, changes to health benefits, collecting and signing relevant documentation, finding a new living space, setting up a new household and making arrangements to share custody of the children.

What are my options for child support changes or collection?

Last week's blog focused on the ways in which child support orders can be established. Following a child support order, life moves on and circumstances may change. This week's blog focuses on child support modifications and enforcement of child support orders. Because situations can change, many paying and child support recipient parents may wonder what options are available to them if they need to modify their child support order or need help collecting child support based on an existing order.